Of coffee and such..

Semalam terjebak tapau few bags of coffee bean. Singgah Isetan and saw these beans on sale. Tapau 3 beg. Stock utk 3-4 bulan (can hit 5 rasanya nih). Tengah murah, hentam jer la.

Wishing that one day can get my hands on Taza D Oro coffee instead.

73 de 9W2BBS.

Should I migrate the old content?

Patut ke aku transfer dan migrate old GM content?

Ntahlah. All those memories are in there. I am not deleting it anyway. Just letting it live by the dalam tu.

Maybe, I won’t transfer it.

Link it here instead for history purpose.

73 de 9W2BBS

Life goes on…

Sometimes, even we don’t feel there is a need to change, you still have to change.

Had to redo this site as GM tool is now defunct and obsolete. Had tough time to change some of the layout and information. Googling does not help much. So, nak tak nak kene la tukar jugak. Luckily, installing WP was a breeze. In few minutes I got it up and running. In HTTPS mode too 🙂

So guys and gals.. welcome to the new site. More to come.

By the way, I intend to keep this site as simple as possible. So don’t expect all those mumbo jumbo stuff from what you seen from all over the place.


73 de 9W2BBS