New pasture..

I’ve been working in ECERDC since November 2019. On secondment basis, for 2 years. Totally new environment and super duper challenging. But, keeping up the spirit to deliver as its there are constantly new things to learn on daily basis.

Me, colleague and boss

Will see how it goes for next year.

73 de 9W2BBS

Hallu world, again..

This cheeky now grown up already. Falling in love with him daily.

Self photo, July 2020

And dah pandai nak bergaya too

Klang, July 2020

His eczema issues is getting better nowdays. Ichiness aja masih tak kurang. Hopefully one day it will go away.

73 de 9W2BBS

Bundle of Joy

Alhamdulillah, puji-pujian buat Allah swt, pada 26 March 2019, jam 2 petang, saya dan isteri dikurniakan cahaya mata pertama kami, dilahirkan secara C-sect. Kedua ibu dan anak dalam keadaan sejahtera.

Ribuan terima kasih buat semua keluarga dan sahabat handai yang memberi bantuan dan ucapan syukur buat kami. Moga Allah swt membalas jasa-jasa kalian.

Welcoming handsome Farees Nabeel to our small family.


9W2BBS Fahroe Ibrahim and Nina Soraya Ismail.



If you are using SMART KL bound to Tun Razak, remember this number – #5


Found this tree inside Big @LINC. It was nice to see that the developer did not removed this tree and make it part of the building itself.

Hope more developer can do the same.

73 de 9W2BBS

Peanut butter oh peanut butter

Been looking for this pb for a while

Last aku dapa was about in 2014. It was so yummeh. This time? A bit off. Seems like too creamy and watery texture.

Colleague recommend this one pulak now. She ordered it online and now awaiting delivery.

Will see later how it taste.

73 de 9W2BBS

ICT OPS Review Session

2 full days of reflection, listening to GM membebel, review of KPI, leadership thoughts, role playing, video clips, and knowing about each others.

Had to build paper bridge also #extramile #lean #agile #speedmode #fitforpurpose #mobile #bothsidealsocan

Someone was grilled with 73 questions.

Another session bound early next year for year start planning.

73 de 9W2BBS


Had a wonderful weekend last week. Attended akad nikah and wedding ceremony, and managed to squeeze some time for ANSARA MAT.

Congratulations to Hanif and Syafiqah on your wedding.

Quick selfie with DKRM, Mr President and Anseri delegates.

Its been a while I had packed activities during the weekend. ???

73 de 9W2BBS

Tiny little pi

Been godeking my FR24 past few days. A friend kasi try a small TFT LCD to see kalau can work with the pi. Text mode cun. Graphic mode memang tak lepas since guna GPIO port instead of HDMI. But at least learned something new lah.

End up reformatting and installed full fledged pi (originally used FR24 light pi image). Much better results once piped out to HDMI port and to TV. The small screen memang tak lepas lah for graphical display.

Gonna get myself a small 5″ LCD later on. And make my pi on kiosk mode. Senang sikit nak monitor tracking status.

73 de 9W2BBS